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Open source orchestration for MLOps

Why FuseML

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...Low-Code AI

Machine-Learning Operators need focus on what matters, NOT writing infinite sets of scripts.

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...Automated Workflows

Machine-Learning Operators need a fully automated environment that's easy to be optimized and managed.

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...Modular Architecture

Machine-Learning Operators need to combine existing tools in flexible and reusable recipes.


Who needs FuseML?

FuseML is an MLOps orchestrator powered by a flexible framework designed for consistent operations and a rich collection of integration formulas (recipes) reflecting real world use cases that help you reduce technical debt and avoid vendor lock-in.

For Machine-Learning Operators

FuseML allows you to re-use existing components and tools to create and manage the end-to-end ML lifecycle.

Optimize AI workload with a low-code approach and an extensible framework.

For AI Teams

FuseML allows the team to quickly iterate and re-use existing, well known tools for rapid experimentation and fast production releases.

It's easy to experiment with end-to-end AI workflows and to integrate them into CI/CD pipelines.

How it Works

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Get Started

        # On Linux
        curl -sfL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/fuseml/fuseml/main/install.sh | sh -
        # Install fuseml in your K8s cluster
        fuseml-installer install
        # Use our step-by-step guide
        # Done!